By Len Borruso

What is Neighborhoodcore?
Neighborhoodcore is daring filmmaking that embraces people and places that directly surround you.

How do you know if a film is Neighborhoodcore?
You were probably in it or know someone who was.

The most necessary action to take in order to direct DIY
Neighborhoodcore Cinema is to
• Just Do It.

If you feel like you do not at present have the right equipment
• Use any gear necessary.
— In every case, the most important gear is the one between your ears.

Reach out and
• Find like-minded people as committed to Neighborhoodcore as you are.

Have as your goals to
• Make movies for the love of doing it.
• Share with your community.

Making Neighborhoodcore movies should always be
• “Like having a picnic with friends.” — Fellini

Make sure that
• You are satisfied with your film since it does after all have your name — and everyone else’s — on it.

Keep evolving
• Your style and challenging yourself.

Len Borruso, Director

Len’s most recent works, “Life with Dan” and “Anger” screened at
Wildwood and Weyauwega International Film Festivals.