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A Poem

Milwaukee is sick right now, illwaukee. 10 year olds and 1 year olds and 5 year olds fighting for their lives, they done got Killedwaukee. We need a healing right now, HEALwaukee. It’s hard to deal in the mil. Its already destroyed so I’m trying to rebuild and buildwaukee. The streets be talkin and now […]

The Never-Ending Timeline of Racism

By Devon Snyder My earliest memory of racism was in 5th grade during my parent teacher conference, at Parkside Elementary School. During my parent teacher conference, Mrs. Theisen told my white mother “I thought Devon was going to be a bad kid. He looked like a bad kid. I thought he was going to be […]

Appleton’s Juneteenth Background & Biographies

By Kristen Gondek Did you know Appleton has a direct connection to the original Juneteenth? Horace and Bercina Artis, two of Appleton’s first black residents, moved to Appleton after the Civil War. Horace was a courageous Civil War Veteran, serving in Co. F. 31st Regiment of the U.S.C. Inf. (United States Colored Troops) and was […]


By Emily Bowles Desirenade 1. This is desirening in a pandemic—an alarm goes off when you call. 2. I answer a desire-for-aid’s call, not knowing if it or I am the emergency. 3. You are alarmed by me, armed against me, disarmed by me [you say, when it is me weakening]. 4. De-siren me to […]


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